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TeenyB Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian Bikinis

The bikini was first dreamed up in the 1940s, but the barely-there suits of today bear little resemblance to those earliest designs, which left more to the imagination than not.  As time progressed, so did the bikini, and it seems as though it just got smaller and smaller.  Today’s extreme bikinis can’t really get much smaller without alerting the local constabulary, so we won’t bother discussing those.  Instead, we’ll focus on normal, human-sized bikinis that you can wear without fear of incarceration.

You’ve got the tankini, the shortie bikini, the microkini bikini, the list goes on and on.  But one style has emerged in recent years that has become wildly popular among both the women who wear them and the men who like to look at the women wearing them, and that’s the Brazilian bikini.

There are quite a few different cuts that could be considered Brazilian, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they tend to ride low on the hips.  In the example above, notice the straight line across the back of the suit, a common characteristic of the Brazilian Bikini.

Naturally, as the Brazilian bikini became popular, numerous companies started producing their own unique designs, and now a Brazilian bikini can be had in any number of color combinations, complete with fancy trim and luxurious fabrics.  No one can say for sure who invented the first Brazilian cut bikini, but one sure bet is that women who want more coverage than a standard bikini while still retaining a sexy look will have a wonderful option in the Brazilian bikini.